Hey there savvy female coaches, creators and entrepreneurs looking to increase sales in their business…

Go From Boring and Blah to Classy (or Sassy) Emails That Connect & Convert

An exclusive 6-week workshop to get out of your head and into the hearts of your customers (even if you aren’t a fan of writing emails)

Email is KEY to bringing in sales.

You’ve heard this. You know this.

And yet…

You procrastinate on sending those emails to your list

You struggle with what to say
(the curse of the blinking cursor)

You’re not sure how to get people to open, read, and respond to what you’re sharing

But you want to scale your business, increase your bottom line and connect with your customers.

The truth? Email is the BEST way to do that.

And…no. You can’t just send an email that says:

“Hey there. I am passionate about this. Buy my stuff!”

(Although that certainly would be easier, wouldn’t it?)

The best connection and the best selling happens through STORIES.

Master the skill of storytelling and you master the most effective way to make sales happen in your business.

It’s easy math.

Stories + Email = Greater Profits in your business.

But what if you have other naggings questions like:

➡️​​ Should I use a template?

➡️ How can I consistently send emails?

➡️​​ How can I easily know my tech numbers?

➡️ Is there a better way to write subject lines?

​​➡️ What are the pros and cons to adding images or GIFs?

➡️ What are different styles of newsletters? Is it all written? Or is it like an event’s notice?

➡️​​ How do I add value to emails without being like: Surprise! Now you have to buy my stuff.

All good questions.

So…listen up!

You’ve stumbled upon the best news out there
for a growing entrepreneur like yourself.

I present to you:


Write Emails that Your Customers Want to Open

The Email Class is a 6-week workshop-style class that teaches you the StoryFLOW method I use to write high-converting emails.

Unlike so many 50+ module courses that drone on and on about how-to do something…

The Email Class is a live 90 minute session that follows the same method world-renowned teaching hospitals all over the world do:

See One. Do One.

Wait. What?


Let’s break down the SODO Method

See One – In our 90 minutes together, you will see yours truly (moi) break down several email and copywriting concepts. I pull the curtain back on the tricks of the trade and hand them directly to you.

Do One -Then using my StoryF.L.O.W. method you will write an email or assignment  focused on that week’s concept. (Yep, you’re doing the work right then and there. No more pushing things off ‘til later)

The concepts you learn here will have you writing emails simply and effectively. Again and again.

(No more avoiding the SEND button or waiting until the last minute to sit down and “write that newsletter already!”)

Here are some of the✨ precious jewels ✨ you’ll be pocketing and walking away with during our 6 weeks together:

Week 1 – Style, Baby, Style!
Get clear on your exact style and method of communication.
Fine tune your message to the audience you are speaking to
annnnnd discover how the StoryFLOW method will work for YOU.

At the end of this class you’ll have:
a defined style that reflects YOU
a written email to send your audience
a  template to reuse week after week
an Email Ethos that will inform the next 6-12 months of emails – silence the “what do I write?” doubts

Week 2 –  Become a StoryKeeper
This week, you’ll learn how to turn any story into a relatable story to your audience. (Finally! That embarrassing moment from grade 6 has a purpose.)

Start getting into the FLOW of storytelling using templates and handy worksheets.

At the end of this class you’ll have:
📓 unlocked access to my very own Story Vault

📓 over 30+ of your own ideas for the rest of the year’s emails

📓 a written email to send to your audience (with an outline you can use repeatedly)

Week 3 – Lock in your anchor points
Discover the powerful intersection of storytelling + audience desires + your offers. Lock these anchor points in place inside each email and ignite explosive results.

At the end of this class you’ll have:
⚓ a clear understanding of the FLOW Principle
⚓ a good-to-go sales email you can rinse and repeat
⚓ access to the Emotionally Charged FLOW Chart so you can avoid slimy manipulation sales tactics and keep your sales respectful, authentic and classy

Week 4 – Make it FLOW
Every email has 4 components that help your readers develop ongoing trust. Master these 4 components and start to watch your open rates and click through rates rise!
(Pssst…you’ll also get the skinny on subject lines in this class!)

At the end of this class you’ll have:
🔥The 4 must-have pieces to make an email flow easily
🔥 a red-hot copy of the Subject Lines Solutions downloadable
🔥 a ready-to-go email to send to your audience (keep this template on standby when you have zero time and need to get an email out fast)
🔥 a swipe of the EXACT tech templates I use to make  a streamlined experience

Week 5 – Refine, Refine, Refine
Explore the Refinery Rules – helpful hints filled with  etiquette, charm and the boldness of red lipstick
Give your emails an edge when you apply the principles of refinement.

At the end of this class you’ll have:
💋 a toolbox of tips and tricks to refine and polish your emails so you can elevate your expertise

💋 a hot off the press written email that you won’t send to your list (gotcha!) UNTIL you’ve employed the Refinery Rules
💋 confidence to use colors in your emails (you’ll see why!)
💋 3 quick-and-ready emails to save face when you’ve made a mistake in your business

6. The Wow Factor
The week you’ve been waiting for! Want to know how to add sparkle and pizzazz to your emails? Want your readers to pause everything when your name appears in their inbox?
We wrap up the Email Class with a glitz-and-glamor show of how to make your readers say, “Wow! I gotta buy this now!”

At the end of this class you’ll have:
💥 an ohlala email that you can drop into your newsletter lineup  
💥 the “How to Say No Gracefully” Guide – leave a positive impression for every request that you need to turn down
💥 the Spectacular Factor Worksheet(over 25+ ideas to choose from to knock your customers socks off)
💥 a mini-grad ceremony for completing the Email Class

Each week, you keep building up your “email muscles” so that by the end of the 6 weeks, not only do you have an arsenal of email tools  to use any time you need to…

…but you have an in-place system-with over a dozen resources- for writing emails once class is over –

And bonus! It’s a system you can use when you are ready to hire a copywriter)

Plus, I’m known for over delivering. And that’s not just me tooting my horn. Or making vague promises.

Check out the proof:

Here’s how you benefit from my oversharing! Take a look at these bonuses:

Start with Surveys
In this hot topic 12 minute video lesson, I show you how to dial into what is important to your ideal customers using surveys. (Know this and they’ll think you can read their minds!)

Get access to the surveys I use to produce high-performing and empathy-driven emails.
📝 4 social media polls that will start with a question and lead to slipping into the DMs for further conversation
📝 The Hidden Code words to use when researching audience and product ideas
📝 The Best Spreadsheet Ever layout guide for quick access to your customer’s mind

How to Hire a Copywriter Guidebook
Show up in CEO mode at your copywriter interview calls. Know EXACTLY what questions to ask to ensure you are getting a qualified copywriter who:
❤️ honors your audience
❤️ prices fairly and competitively
❤️ can capture your tone and voice
❤️ represent your offers without using shame or guilt

Accountability & Community
Grow in a group setting and with 1:1 access to Holly to review your emails and copy.
🙌 Share examples and talk shop with classmates in the Facebook Group
🙌  Office Hours for Q & A on Tuesday mornings
🙌 Two 10 minute voxer sessions with Holly to review your emails before you hit send (these are offered on week 3 and week 6)

And you should know…

This isn’t just a LIVE session.  You’ll get access to the recordings of each week’s session.

Buuuuut…you probably won’t need them.

Because these ideas are going to stick with you like a pop song from your childhood.

That’s the power of the See One Do One method.

Here’s the deal:

If you are paying me money, I want you to get your money’s worth.

So this 6 week workshop has been created to be like an
episode of the Golden Girls.

Big concepts that are digested quickly…with a few laughs along the way.

And the best part –

No homework.

You may be involved in another course or mastermind. Or maybe you just completed one. Either way… you don’t need more to-do’s. You need ‘done and scheduled.’

That’s what happens in the Email class.

But there’s only 15 spots available. Sign up today.

Yes! I want to be in The Email Class

Wait up….who are you to teach me how to write an email?

I’ve been averaging about 5% clicks. And I just booked 2 clients! I’ll take it!

When it comes to building your business with Email Marketing, I agree with the old saying: Every step is an arrival.

Whether you’ve started growing your email list or have a large audience you want to serve, you CAN take the next step to increase your business with email marketing in The Email Class. 

This is the inaugural run of the Email Class.

I’ve done LIVE workshops and hour-long sessions with  a lot of entrepreneurs.

Here’s what others have to say about working with me:

Holly’s the real deal. I go to her for all things email.
-Lena Forrey

Hmmm…how do I know if The Email Class is right for me?

Hold up your hand. If you can high five me on at least 3 of the following, then this class is tailor-made for you. If:

✅ you like to take action right away
​​✅ you’d use templates to help guide you
✅ you’re ready to connect with your clients/customers
✅  you’re struggling with what to write to your email list
✅ you want expert eyes on your work before you hit send
✅ you want to finesse your subject lines and storytelling skills

✅ you aren’t quite ready to hire a copywriter but you know good copywriting is what your business needs


✅ y​​ou like to process things slowly -This is the creative challenge you need. Learn to harness your think-on-it skills and develop your writing muscle to release those ideas that have been on the backburner.

If you can give me a high-five on 3 of these items, you owe it to yourself to take The Email Class.

You should hightail it out of here if any of these check your boxes.

Give this class a Hard Pass if you can say yes to any of the following:

you don’t have an email list yet
This won’t teach you how to grow your list. Only how to write better emails to your existing audience.

you won’t be able to make the Thursday commitment of 90 minutes at least 4 of the 6 dates. Synergy happens in community and these lessons are designed to be interactive with a group

You aren’t a fan of beta launches
This class is a beta run of what will become a more polished version. That means there may be the odd tech glitch or rough-around-the-edges moment during the 6 weeks.

Make the choice that’s right for you and your business.

Get into the (Story)FLOW with The Email Class!

Once you master the StoryFLOW method of writing emails – you’ll start to see stories that will connect with your customers everywhere.

(You might even say that your sales emails start to flow together 😉 ).

And the best part -using the StoryFLOW method you’ll create an ongoing conversation that keeps you top of mind for your clients or customers.

          Join Now. There’s only 10 spots available.

Yes! Sign me up for  The Email Class

Got Questions?

1. When are the classes?

Classes will be held every Thursday at 1 pm EST/ 10 am PST. I recommend that you attend at least 4 of the 6 classes to get the full effect of the class.

Here’s a class schedule for you:

Class #1 – Style Baby, Style! March 17   1 pm EST/10 am PST
Class #2- Become a StoryKeeper March 24  1 pm EST/10 am PST
Class #3- Lock In Your Anchor Points March 31   1 pm EST/10 am PST
Class #4- Make it FLOW April 7       1 pm EST/10 am PST
Class #5- Refine, Refine, Refine April 14     1 pm EST/10 am PST
Class #6 – The Wow Factor April  21      1 pm EST/10 am PST

2. Is there a refund policy?
All sales are final. This beta-version is the lowest price that I will be offering this class at.

If something happens in the first 7 days – after all, life! – simply email me at Holly@hollycwilliams.com. While you won’t get a refund, I believe in being fair and flexible. I’m confident we can work out a solution that will work for both of us.

3. What do I need for class?
Each week I will send you an email about how to come to class prepared. This email will arrive 48 hours before class so you have time to prepare.

4. How do the voxer sessions work?
You will get access to a calendly link where you can book time for your two 10 minute sessions. These time slots will be held on the 3rd and 6th week of the class.

All other Q & A’s can be directed to me in the Facebook group.

5. Are the rumors true? Will there be dancing involved in The Email Class?

Yes. But only if you arrive early on the Zoom calls. I love high energy when we go to work. So if you come a few minutes early, you’ll get to move and groove while I have a warm up song.

(And for the introverts who are already shrinking back at the thought, there will be a session that has slow, focused music to just chill before class).

There’s only 15 spots available. Sign up today.

Yes! Sign me up for  The Email Class