Get personality-packed emails

That Convert Like Crazy

using AI tools in the hands of proven copywriter. Engaging and strategic email funnels that turn sales conversations into repeat conversions.

you’re a purpose-driven brand using ai

to speed up the email marketing process

The only hang up you have is that your emails sound like…well, like a robot wrote them. It’s missing the jeuje. The pizzazz. The…human connection.

You’re happy that your AI tools are spitting out content faster than a SpaceX rocket, but those emails still don't feel like the conversation you want to have with your customers.

That ends today.

Create emails that connect, convert and keep new & existing customers

You don’t need an email that checks the box as a communication point in the buyer process. You need emails that hook the heart of your audience. And solidifies their most recent decision: that choosing you and your solution was a smart idea.

Inspiring your customers to say yes to a product, sign up for a course or commit to a service happens with words that connect to their desires.

AI can help identify those desires and words.

A conversion copywriter can turn those words into payday gold.

AI + a Copywriter that:
Combines conversion formulas with storytelling strategies

Uses persuasive copy that is in line with your values

Strategizes effectively and communicates with personality


One compelling email

Hey there,

My name is Holly and I’ve been using AI tools to help write emails for purpose-driven entrepreneurs for years (yes, years. Many tools have laid the groundwork for ChatGPT).
And now that faster AI is here, I am excited to get the same results of…

happening Faster. Stronger. Better.

Let’s make you some money!

I drive profits. Check out the proof:

Even my AI buddy vouches for me: [Video of Chatgpt]

Here’s how we’re going to Make It Rain in your business

Data-Driven Decision Making

Facts are our friends. Let’s dive deep into your data using AI tools and my conversion know-how to uncover buyer behavior. Let’s identify what your prospects actually want. And base our strategies off of relevant data.

Untitled design - 2023-04-20T163904.952

Slide into the [Story]Flow

Humans connect through storytelling. Aligning your brand story, values and personality with sales messaging is the conversion sweet spot. All of your copy is written from this framework. Let’s create solid connections between you and your customers.

Untitled design - 2023-04-20T163648.500

Systemize Your Sales

With the email funnel locked and loaded, it’s time to unleash your ideas on the market and increase conversions. We’ll observe, optimize and pivot as needed. And talk all things metrics and money.

Connect with your customers

through email using AI tools or let me do it for you.


The Latest AI Copywriting Strategies

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Work With Me

Whether you need your AI emails dusted up or you want me to do all the writing, conversions are are few clicks away


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